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Rosemary and Time


"Jennifer Fell Hayes’ hauntingly beautiful new play Rosemary and Time explores the painful and joyous revelations that a middle-aged woman, Rosemary, makes about her past after a serendipitous meeting with a sister she had all but forgotten. Hayes explores the impact that relationships during childhood can have on a person long into adulthood, the complexities of developing healthy relationships and the many ways that people understand, show and share their love." ~THERESA PERKINS, MY ENTERTAINMENT WORLD

“’Rosemary and Time’ makes you think about family, hard times, and surviving them... Jennifer Fell Hayes who comes from Yorkshire captures the cadence and personality of Yorkshire.” ~EVA HEINEMANN, HI! DRAMA

“Jennifer Fell Hayes has written a piece that is deeply rooted in truth… The drama unfolds slowly but surely.” ~MICHAEL BLOCK, THEATRE IN THE NOW

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Rosemary and Time: About Me
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